Thursday, June 18, 2009

News and Whimsy

Normally I keep a list of links or sites that amuse me during the week but this week I did not so I had to try and go off of the top of my head. Apparently my memory isn't very good because I can only remember a few.

Interesting idea to try and help music sales. I kind of like it.

I wouldn't change anything about my wedding except for maybe this and actually I think Wheels would be cool with it.

Disney is filming a new movie in Southern Utah and if your wife is a fan of the TV Show Friday Night Lights you better keep a close watch on her. I'm pretty sure that Wheels and some of my neighbors might be going on a road trip soon.

I just saw this on the SL Trib's Pop Culture Blog (which is quite good, check it out daily). It's the perfect gift for Father's Day if your Father attended Woodstock.


Dogface said...

I got on and tried to buy one of those wolf looking head/hats. Apparently and according to the email I got from LnA those "are not for sale"...

kg said...

Dogface - you and I are not even close to being cool enough to wear those wolf hats.

brohammas said...

My rugby team goes on a trip every year. On this trip there is a rule that unless you are on the field playing you must wear a crazy hat. Airplane, bar, sideline... must wear hat.
We have two of those wolf hats and they are a sight to behold atop a drunken rugger.