Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Night Playlist

20 years ago Jen, Utah Fun and Herms stopped digging beets and graduated from dear old JHS. This weekend is their high school reunion so I figured it was time to unleash another edition of Billboard's Top Singles or as it should be called, "WTW Were We Thinking?"


20. Two Hearts - Phil Collins - say what you want about Phil Collins but his songs are always cheesy balls of goodness.
19. On Our Own - Bobby Brown - man I loved me some Bobby Brown.
18. She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals - still not a bad little song.
17. The Look - Roxette - It must have been love, but it's over now. At least I once had feelings for this Swedish band unlike Ace of Base.
16. Girl I'm Gonna Miss You - Milli Vanilli - anybody who claims to hate Milli Vanilli is a bigger liar than they were.
15. Heavan - Warrant - the prowess of this song was already discussed in my Valentine's Day Mixtape. Not bad.
14. Don't Wanna Lose You - Gloria Estefan - I think Kim had to sing this song with similar hair in a terrible singing group in which we participated or as I refer to them, "KG's Darkest Days."
13. Lost In Your Eyes - Debbie Gibson - In 7th grade a girl dedicated this song to me on the radio. I might be fat and hairy now but no one can take away my dreamy eyes.
12. Waiting For A Star To Fall - Boy Meets Girl - not your finest hour, Class of 89.
11. Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx - Speaking of requests and dedications, Kim back me up here, I swear we heard this song on the radio the night before Utah Fun went into the MTC and the DJ said, "This is for Mike from Jen." Good stuff.
10. Giving You The Best That I Got - Anita Baker - I would have thought that Anita could have done better than The Donahue Show.
09. Baby, I Love Your Way- Will To Power - Another not so shining moment.
08. Girl You Know Its True - Milli Vanilli - Girl and Boy you know it's true, stop lying to yourself, you like MV.
07. Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler - I remember back in the day when I could hit those high notes. I wish I were joking.
06. Cold Hearted - Paula Abdul - When I finished this video for the first time I think my voice was an octave lower.
05. Miss You Much - Janet Jackson - For all of those kids at home who had never heard of her, yes this is the girl who ruined the Super Bowl a few years ago.
04. Straight Up - Paula Abdul - The days when she was crazy hot and not just crazy.
03. Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison - Back when Bret Michaels didn't need a VH1 show to pickup skanks.
02. My Prerogative - Bobby Brown - I just decided his nickname should have been 'The Hit Machine' - he was good when he wasn't all coked up.
01. Look Away - Chicago - I love Chicago as much or more than the next guy but is anyone else shocked this was the #1 song of the year? I thought only Utahns went bonkers over our friends from the windy city.


Corbie said...

I have 15 of those 20 songs on my ipod so, WTW they were thinking was that these were (and are) some damn fine tunes.

Anonymous said...

DANG I loved the 80's music. But seriously I laughed hard (almost blew water out my nose) when you mentioned Lost in your Eyes and a girl dedicating it to you...

Level with us Gord who was it, R Ambrose or M Mortinsen? :)

And I'll have you know many a fair maiden had to look away after I busted out Chicago's greatest. Thank goodness for them.

brohammas said...

Bobby=awesome, Whitney=magnificent,
Bobby + Whitney=huge hot mess.
Did we cover that in algebra or chemistry?
#9, where was UB40 when we needed them?

I will attest to the Capn's power over the ladies back when his mom was still picking out his clothes (k-12th grade)but come on "anon" those names were a kick in the funny bone.
Do you know the stories I know?

kg said...

I'm not one to get a music dedication and tell but let's just say the girl used to live next door to Big Al.

Corbie said...

She just got so tired of you and your friends peeking over her fence while she swam that she figured perhaps a public song dedication would be enough to curb your peeping ways.

kg said...

Corbie - I don't know what you are talking about because I don't peep and tell either.