Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

I finally started listening to Nick Drake several years ago after reading for the 100th time an article comparing Mr. Drake to Elliott Smith. Seeing that Mr. Smith was near the top of my all time favorite list I figured I owed it to myself to pickup a Nick Drake album. I started with a greatest hits cd and immediately loved it and soon after purchased a box set that included all of his studio releases. All of his albums are fantastic, however it is Pink Moon that is always in my rotation no matter what. The main thing I love about this album is that it adapts to whatever mood that I find myself - sad, hopeful, mellow - it can be whatever you want it to be. Enjoy this album, I hope it treats you as right as it treats me.

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Corbie said...

I like...!!!

Know what else I like? Your little music player thing. How does a girl get hooked up with one of those? Could she impress upon her technologically gifted, though musically challenged friend to help her with that???