Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Music Monday Night

Gregory Alan Isakov - This Empty Northern Hemisphere

Gregory Alan Isakov is another new addition to the KG musical rotation. I had never heard of this man and downloaded this album after reading a sparkling review of it. I'll drop a few tidbits that will make at least of few readers interested - born in South Africa, raised in Philly (Brohammas) and now calls Boulder, CO his home. Is a good friend of Brandi Carlile (Mindy/Corbie), in fact she duets with him on a few songs on Hemisphere. He is the standard folk/rock, singer/songwriter type that you have come to expect from KG but check him out, he is very solid.

Pete Yorn - Back and Fourth

In case you missed my ode to Pete Yorn from a few months back you can read it here. He returns this week with his fourth album and it gets him right back to where he was with his debut release. He had slipped a little on his second and third albums but hits all of the right notes on Back and Fourth. Not a bad track found on this CD. If you are a fan you won't be disappointed and if you weren't a fan you should be after you give it a listen.


Corbie said...

I'm giving both of these two thumbs up. That's it - no insults, no complaints - just my overwhelming approval. I don't know what's come over me, either.

The 49ers suck balls, though.

kg said...

The way you just flip flopped on Pete Yorn was very Favrevian. Well done.