Monday, June 1, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

Quite a slow week at The Skog Home. With P officially out of school and Wheels back to work there was not a lot going on. I promise these reviews will get back to their super exciting nature in the near future.


Who would have thought from the looks of this picture that this guy would end up being one of the coolest men on the planet? My friends, you are looking at the Senior portrait of our friend Vanwarmer. I had the opportunity to attend a surprise 40th birthday party thrown for him by his sweet wife, Mrs. Vanwarmer. The above photo was blown up poster size and will be for sale at the next Skog Blog Meet n Greet. The beauty of him turning 40 is that it gives us even more ammunition for roadtrips, concerts, etc... 'Well it IS for his 40th birthday, Wheels, we are just trying to make it special...' Thanks for all of the great times and memories. Here's to 40 more, Mr. Vanwarmer.


On Sunday, Lil' J got dolled up in her finest, whitest dress and decided it was time to shed her Heathen lifestyle and go to church. Luckily for the world she isn't quiting the band or anything, she is just trying to be a good person.

All joking aside, I had the opportunity to take the Lil' Rockstar and give her a name and a blessing. The name may or may not have been 'The Lil Skog Rockstar,' you can figure that one out yourself, but it was a nice experience. I always love passing along a few minor nuggets of wisdom that the man upstairs would want me to share with my sweet girls.

Afterwards, we gathered at a park with our family for the requisite sandwiches on rolls, salads, etc. I appreciate every one's willingness to help and support The Skog Family. We are lucky and blessed to be members of The Skog and Wheels families. Below are a few snapshots from the day, including the debut of the lovely Mrs. Flanksteak holding Lil' J at the park. Her name is Erin and she doesn't enjoy being called 'Mrs. Flanksteak' so hence forth and forever that name shall be retired. Amen and Amen.


Jen said...
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Jen said...
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Jen said...

Those are my deleted comments. I am having issues with writing names instead of aliases, and I think that is probably not allowed. (Yes I did this twice as I am extra talented.)

I am glad the little rockstar decided to come off the less active roster and come back to church. Now you do not have an excuse to stay home though.

I can't believe the picture of Vanwarmer is for real, but at first I thought it was a G-family member with the big eyes and rocking afro, so I guess he is in good company.

brohammas said...

What in heaven's name is that all over your face!!!

Its like a beast in in the middle of eating your face and just got stuck there.


kg said...

Jen - Vanwarmer said that he was called down to the office to be told that they needed another picture of him for the yearbook but he declined. Good stuff. Right up there with Flanksteak's Senior Afro.

Brohammas - I just got mistaken for the Rabbit while walking through the warehouse at work so perhaps it might be time to shave.

kg said...

Rabbi - not rabbit. Did I mention I'm sleepy today?

brohammas said...

well I think it is just the level of "shabaat shalominess" I was looking for.

Corbie said...

Congrats on the baby blessing - I'm glad you are all officially out of heathendom.

This is a strange observation but all of your kids have the most perfectly shaped heads...must be from Wheels' side.

Gorgeous baby, gorgeous pics.