Thursday, September 10, 2009

News and Whimsy


Some great concert announcements:

1 - The Swell Season - no word on when tix go on sale but I would have to say they are number 1 on my 'never seen but need to see' list. 

2 - Frightened Rabbit - this coming Monday.  Only downside is that it's going to be a LATE night to start the week.

What happens when you combine Michael Stipe from R.E.M., the producers from the film version of Mamma Mia! and the songs of Barry Manilow?  The most FABULOUS movie idea in the history of cinema.


A site that parents from my generation as well as their kids can both enjoy.

Ever wanted to bulldoze the home of an annoying neighbor?  Here's your chance.  It's some sort of online Monopoly game that uses Google Earth.  Frankly I didn't quite understand it but I'm expecting Herms to figure this out for us.

Speaking of Herms and Board Games, I'm pleased to announce that he is a major award winner.  What he actually won I have no idea but I just hope it doesn't tear his family apart.

Some of you might have noticed that I changed the headline on The Skog Blog to read "Powered by Vitamin Water 10" because I drink enough of their low calorie drink to warrant a sponsorship deal.  Perhaps I can use this contest to create Yerba Mate Vitamin Water and kill two birds with one beverage.

Last and definitely least this week, it is no surprise as to why people think that Utahns are strange.  Seriously, Utah, why do we always do this crap?  We have nobody to blame but ourselves for the constant mockery.  I'm pretty sure Wheels and our neighbor Skye will be there opening night, the real questions are, how many times will they go and which team will they choose???  Exciting stuff!


Corbie said...

I just spent way too long trying to make myself into Shaggy. Thanks for the reminder of that great Ralphie and the leg lamp scene, though...that is too good to only be viewed in December.

Skye said...

heck yes I'll be there opening night, and you better plan on being home so wheels can go with me.

kg said...

Corbie - Shaggy? I would have pegged you for a Fred type. Don't worry, I have no idea what the statement means either.

Skye - as long as ET and I can go trade FFL stories over sushi afterwards I will loan you Wheels whenever you need her.

Micheal J said...

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