Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

P and Toots Join A Gang

I was shocked and frightened when I came home this week to find that P and Toots had gone a little crazy with the tattoos. I can only hope that the shaved heads and piercings won't soon follow.

P's Phenomenal Pop Tart

I imagine that many of you have seen on the news when people find random things in their food, such as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese sandwich.  P was enjoying a tasty Pop Tart when she discovered a spooky face.  She made Wheels take a picture and then was too afraid to finish it.  Keep an eye out for it on eBay - the Grilled Cheese sandwich went for $28,000.  Looks like P just found herself a college fund, nice work!

Toots vs. the Potty

On Monday Toots randomly decided that she wanted to start going the bathroom in the potty.  Wheels and I searched our entire house and attic and could not find our old training toilet and so Toots and I set out to purchase a new one.  She picked out this pink little number with a comfy seat and came home and immediately did her business.  This came as kind of a surprise to Wheels and myself.  P and my other nieces and nephews were in no rush to be potty trained and in all honesty I'd probably use a diaper if it weren't frowned upon by society.  Toots ended up going potty multiple times each day and is looking to get out of her diapers sooner than we ever imagined.

Vomit or X???

America's Favorite Game Show is Back!  No, not Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?, I'm talking about Vomit or X?  Answer at the bottom of the column.

Visit From the Wheels Family

Wheels' brother Marc and his family decided to leave their new home in the Garden of Eden and make a visit back to the Land of Zion.  The girls were excited to have their crazy uncle and cousin Alivia back for a few days.  Rock Band was played, Wingers was eaten and we also made a trip down south to spend the Sabbath day with Wheels' other brother Andrew's family.

P Steps Onto the Pitch

P started soccer this week and as mentioned in a previous week in review, KG is throwing on his coach's fedora and trying to mold these young girls into a well oiled kicking machine.  Our team consists of 4 girls - P, Millie and 2 other girls who are cousins.  Immediately there was a little bit of controversy as P and Millie wanted to name the team, "The Princesses" (of course) but the other two girls were set on "Go Go Black."  In a move that would have made Mike Ditka proud I convinced the girls to compromise and name our team, "Go Go Black Princesses."  Nicely done.  We are playing in the AYSO, 3 vs. 3, no goalies.  You might think that this would mean that goals were plentiful - well I guess they were - for the other team.  Unfortunately we played against a young Mia Hamm and my coaching debut was spoiled as we fell to 'The Blueberries' 5-3.


On our drive to Andrew's house on Sunday, we stopped at a bank in Lehi to make our car payment and Toots proceeded to vomit all over the back of the van.  I have decided that it is definitely car sickness that is causing us so much grief on the long drives.  I blame myself as I too get serious motion sickness.  If that wasn't fun enough, we drove down Lehi Main Street and found a car wash and as I was spraying out her car seat the Lil' Rockstar had an episode of sudden uncontrolable diarrhea and blew it up her back.  Great times!


Corbie said...

I didn't have that one pegged at vomit...nice trickery.

And your family really has a thing for taking pictures of food in various shapes...first California and then Casper...classic.

Marc and Kim Wheeler said...


SUCK IT! Colorado is home to the GODS.