Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Playlist

Most of you know that I served my mission in the South of Chile and during this time I became acquainted with the good Chilean people, la buena yerbamate and el rock chileno.  Friday Sept 18th is Chile's Independence Day and tonight's playlist consists of songs from Chilean Rock and Folk groups.  Even if your spanish skills were courtesy of Mr. Morris or Bosko which means you only know the lyrics to La Bamba, Tengo and Senor Sol, grab some yerbamate, an empanada and give these songs a chance. 

Songs From Chile

Illapu - Chilean Folk Music.  The first music I heard while in Chile.  They look like an 80's Hair Band but rather than wailing on guitars they rock the pan flute.  Love these guys.

Lejos del Amor, Vuelvo Para Vivir, Sincero Positivo

Los Prisioneros - Mainly an 80's band, these guys were one of the first bands to see commercial success throughout the world.  Their tunes would fit right in with The Pet Shop Boys or When In Rome.

Pa Pa Pa, Tren al Sur, El Baile De Los Que Sobran

La Ley - To be honest I never really liked this band.  I only include them because they were very successful throughout the world and when I got home from Chile and would search for Los Tres albums (see below) I could only find albums by La Ley.  Also any of  my friends who served in Latin America had heard of them but none had heard of Los Tres.  Probably another reason why I didn't like them much.  This song is pretty good though.

Doble Opuesto

Javiera y Los Imposibles - She is the daughter and niece of two of Chile's most influential folk artists of the 1960's (Angel Parra and Violeta Parra).  I only have heard her first album but see that she has apparently released several others in the past 15 years.  Her band, 'Los Imposibles', consisted of members from Los Tres and they helped co-write some of the songs from her debut. 

Te Amo Tanto, Humedad

Los Tres - Los Tres probably deserve their own post at some point.  I have told people that I firmly believe that even if I had never lived in Chile or if I didn't speak a lick of spanish I would still be a fan of their music.  They might even hold a spot in my all time top 10 band list.  The band actually had 4 members originally (similar to how Ben Folds Five only had 3 members) and their music is a nice fusion of folk, rock, jazz, pop, and whatever sounds right to them.  If I had to compare them to a domestic band I would go with The Violent Femmes but that doesn't really do either band justice.  A very hard band to categorize.  They never reached the worldwide fame that they were due but they did film an episode of MTV Unplugged and get a tribute album recorded by Cafe Tacvba, who is basically the Mexican Radiohead and quite possibly the most famous Latin Rock band of all time.  Not too shabby.

Sudapara, El Aval, Dejate Caer, La Espada y La Pared, Traje Desastre, Olor a Gas, Camino, Dejate Caer (Cafe Tacuba)


Corbie said...

So, the music isn't really my bag but the phrase 'not too shabby' is a favorite of mine.

Mindy said...

So glad to see Illapu on your list. It has become a favorite of our kids. They ask for Dad's Chile music. I'll have to share this list with Greg. He'll love it. He has a Chilean market/restaraunt he wants to take you to. You in?

p.s. sorry for my lack of comments on all of your great posts. It has been crazy around here.

kg said...

Corbie - Listen, Mrs. Lopez, you need to start making this music your bag. You are missing out.

Mindy - Welcome back, Nurse Dibble. I was afraid we had lost you to your job as primary healthcare giver. Perhaps we need a "Songs to Keep You Sane While Your Small Child Spends the Summer in a Body Cast" playlist. Tell Greg I'd love to hit the Chilean Market/Restaurant. I was not aware of said place.