Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

P Just Might Be the Funniest Person on the Planet

P enjoys being the center of attention.  This is not news to most people around these parts.  She also is obsessed with trying to make her family laugh and just like your standard Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler flick, she is not afraid to repeat a joke if it's gonna get some laughs.  Let's go back to some archived footage of a young Toots.

This week I was told that P was really making the Lil' Rockstar crack up. I was called up to her room and... nothing. Some smiles maybe. Lil' J was definitely happy but not exactly rolling on the floor or slapping her knee with laughter. P changed the subject and started talking about our neighbor boy, Kire, as she often does, when she accidentally stammered over her words while talking about 'Kire's Space Suit'. This apparently was the funniest thing the Rockstar had ever heard and like a true pro, P beat the joke into the ground.

Bad News Bears?

I'm not quite sure what I've done accepting the role as coach of P and Millie's soccer team. However, this week we WON! Sure it was a forfeit and sure we played a 'friendly' against 1 girl from a bunch of different teams and sure we didn't score a goal in the friendly but I'm sticking one in the win column for the Go Go Black Princesses. Nice job ladies!

I'll Build You A Rainbow


After the storm of sickness and stress we had a pleasant return to normalcy (somewhat).  This coming week, P starts school and Wheels is attempting a new work schedule hoping to relieve some of the chaos we've recently felt. Here's to new beginnings, rainbows and beautiful little girls.

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Corbie said...

P comes by her humor honestly...her Mom is hilarious.