Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sundance TwentyTen

I am still speechless from The Super Bowl.  What a game!  What a finish!  Checkout the highlights below:

Alright, alright, I know what you're thinking.  "kg, that Super Bowl was from like 20 years ago" well this is my blog and I will review things in my own time.  This weekend I will be reviewing the new video game that is taking The Skog Home by storm.  Stay tuned.

In other news, last month I participated in what has become an annual tradition, The Sundance Film Festival.  Back in the day I always assumed it would be a major pain to head up to Park City and deal with two of my least favorite things - crowds and traffic.  Because of this I never attended Sundance and I created my own Film Festival called "Capdance".  Capdance was basically myself, Flanksteak, Vanwarmer and other assorted family members watching 4 movies on a Saturday in January at the local Megaplex Theatre.  It was such a part of my life that I even proposed to Wheels during Capdance 2002.  Fear not, I didn't put a message on the movie screen like some kind of quasi jumbotron, there was a hint of romance involved, but alas that is a story for another day...

This year's Sundance might have been the best yet.  Flanksteak, Vanwarmer and myself headed up to Park City on a frosty Saturday morn last month and went 2 for 2 on quality films.  Quick sidenote: many people think that just because a film is in Sundance that it is good.  Well, many are not.  I would say our previous track record is barely break even between good and awful flicks.  However, this year there would be no complaints.  We saw The Tillman Story, a fascinating documentary about the former NFL player turned Army Ranger who was killed by friendly fire.  After that screening we headed over to another film premiere and were treated to Cyrus, a dark comedy about a creepy 21 year old son who tries to sabotage his mother's new relationship.

When I tell people that I attended Sundance, most of them only want to know whether or not I saw any celebrities.  Well of course we do.  Many of the actors attend the screenings and do Q&A sessions following the films.  It is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Sundance experience.  You do also run into some people on the street and that, my friends, is when the real magic happens.  For those of you who don't like to read and just want to see the pretty pictures, look no further.

Here is Flanksteak and myself awaiting the day's first shuttle.

Checkout the fine print above my head on the window if you can. I only meet one of the seat's requirements but I will allow you to guess which one.

We stepped off the shuttle at the Tillman screening and run smack into Danny McBride. Yes THE Danny McBride. I haven't seen Flanksteak this happy in a picture since his baby, Lemon, was born.

kg getting in on the hot and heavy Danny McBride action.  McBride was a very cool guy who rode the shuttles and rubbed elbows with us common folk.  A+  Funny story, ok maybe not hilarious per se, but I showed this picture to some coworkers and said, "Here is my brother and I with Danny McBride."  My coworkers thought that  Danny and I were brothers.  Suck on that, Flanksteak...  or don't, I suppose, because that means that people think YOU are a star, pal. 

Vanwarmer headed out for popcorn and other snacks but in reality I think he just wanted to catch a closer glimpse of Lisa Edelstein from House.

While sitting patiently waiting for the Tillman documentary to start mine eyes did see Bill Simmons enter the room. Bill is better known as The Sports Guy on and is my favorite writer of the past ten years.  Like an aggressive man racing for the hottest chick at a singles dance I quickly approached him and asked him for his number.  He declined but gave me a photo-op as a nice consolation prize.  He was a likeable guy who rather than mock my Duke sweatshirt (he is a well known Duke hater) complimented my beard. Class act.

Vanwarmer posing with infamous documentarian Michael Moore. When Vanwarmer asked him for a pic Mr. Moore asked Vanwarmer for $10. He was only joking, I think. IRregardless, Vanwarmer got the pic before the Tillman Story started and I overheard Moore as I was leaving say, "This film only scratches the surface. We need a more thorough investigation." I think that means he liked the movie as well.

Quite possibly the most important celebrity we saw was a man we lovingly call "The Town Crier". Anybody who has attended a screening at The Eccles Theatre in Park City knows who this guy is. He is the best in the business. He mixes sass with a no-nonsense attitude to ensure that no patrons end up on the wrong bus. He is a man truly worthy of a Bud Light Real Men of Genius Award. Here's to you, Town Crier.

A truly magical day that we hoped would never end. We finished the night with another tradition, a montage of photos that we call "Moon Over Sundance."


Sadly, that day did end. However our Sundance experience continued on. Vanwarmer and Flanksteak saw a few more flicks over the next week and Wheels and I were able to catch one screening of The Audience Award winning happythankyoumoreplease with Corbie and her husband, Robert.  All in all I was 3 for 3 and truly had the best Sundance experience to date.


flanksteak said...

I'll take the celebrity status any day. This year truly was the best dance of my life.

Mug said...

I think you could have fun almost anywhere. Loved your review.

brohammas said...

Dude that hipster beard belongs in Brooklyn... nice.
Though I am impressed with your celebrity photos I don't appreciate you upstaging my Matisyahu meeting, and nothing will beat creepy pics of Marylin Manson from outside the tent.

This is still not a freakin' mate post you liar!

brohammas said...

I almost forgot,
That was in deed my favorite superbowl. I think I was then, and am probably still the only person I have ever met to have owned or even seen, a Roger Craig poster.

Corbie said...

The sad thing is that Super Bowl clip will undoubtedly be the last of its kind.

This was my second favorite Sundance to date (last year being my first). It could have been my favorite if Wheels would have let me hold her hand during the movie. I have such a crush on her that she almost got her second Sundance proposal.

Nice pics of you guys in your Eskimo garb and stalking all the stars. Those of us who are serious about film were waiting in line at the Ryan Reynolds screening.

kg said...

flanksteak - I'm pretty sure it is your special Sundance coat that makes people think you are a celebrity.

Mug - We aren't nearly as fun as the Coy fam but we try our best.

brohammas - be patient, the yerba posts will come. Your love of Roger reminded me that I need to find my autographed photo of him and hang it in my office.

Corbie - I like how you claim to be a 'serious' film lover. Change Ryan Reynolds 'screening' to 'sighting' and it would be more accurate.

Vanwarmer said...

You have done an excellent job of describing what was absolutely my favorite 'dance to date. You did leave out the fact that you sang every word of the album "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" as it blared from the car's cassette player on the way to Park City, but other than that, you captured it.

kg said...

Vanwarmer - Immediately after posting the blog I was disappointed in myself for leaving out the cassettes as well as the harrowing journey home in the blizzard. Let it be known that Vanwarmer has the finest collection of cassettes that I've seen in some time and he is willing to rent them out for parties. Having kg come to your party and 'sing' "Have U Seen Her" will cost you extra though.

Anonymous said...

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