Friday, August 29, 2008


Before we get to our Friday Night guilty pleasures I wanted to do some quick housekeeping. I would like to welcome another commenting team to the Skog Blog. Robb and Melissa Enger - friends from our old neighborhood before we moved North. I found out that Robb was into music and Yerba mate and it was love at first sight. Melissa, his sweet wife, makes a mean hmong egg roll. She found out that our sister in law was hmong so she made us a tasty dinner and I ate roughly 38 of them in one sitting. It was my "sensible" dinner for the day as I was doing Slim Fast at the time. Anyway, welcome Engers and checkout their blog link called, strangely enough, "Robb and Melissa's Blog."


Corbie said...

Was the 38 egg roll thing your confession? Is that all you've got? Whoa! I might have to find a new place to air my dirty laundry. Want to know what I call the eating of 38 egg rolls? An appetizer.

So, I love Bette Midler's music. Note I didn't say the person. But I love her voice. And out of the same vein, I loved the movie Beaches. And I love Anne Murray. Like more than I love Bette Midler (which is a lot). When Anne sings 'A Little Good News' or 'Danny's Song', it is as if I am listening to an angel. Speaking of angels, she has a hymnal mix with Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art that I listen to in my car...on weekdays, not the Sabbath. And Danny's Song reminds me that I know every John Denver song by heart...I heart him too.

And while I'm at it, it's late and I feel uninhibited so I may as well get this off my chest...I cheated at Heads Up Seven Up. It's all in the shoes people...if you don't want to be figured out, don't wear the hot pink Keds with puffy paint on them when you know it is going to be a red recess day and we are going to be playing Heads Up Seven Up.

Okay, I'm done...for now.

Love you guys!

brohammas said...

Serious?!? me too. if you keep one eye open you can tuck your head deep down in your armpit and still see the ground behind and beside you.

I also cheated while memorizing my times tables (probably off Kirk's paper) and to this day I still have trouble with the sevens and eights. I got a stinkin A in triganometry but had to take math 101 twice due to my bad arithmatic.

While I'm at it... I wrote the free response essay in AP english on a book I never read.

tristanjh said...


I've been reading your blog on the sly for a while now, but haven't felt comfortable just yet exposing my deep, dark secrets like my love for Michael Bolton. I can be silent no longer, however. Not because I've suddenly developed a burning desire to share my love of sappy movies and bad eighties music, but because I have to call bullshit on Corb's earlier comment.

Corb has not eaten 38 egg rolls in her entire lifetime, let alone as an appetizer. She only eats between the hours of noon and 1:45 and will not waver on this self imposed rule, even when I bring her a delicious plate of frosted brownies from Harmon's to cheer her up.

kg said...

Not on board with the Bette Midler but no judgement here on Friday night. I do love Anne Murray (reminds me of my childhood van and my mom's best friend) and John Denver's name will never be taken in vain at the G House.

I too cheated at Heads Up Seven Up. Although I tried to only "guess" correctly ever other time so people didn't accuse me of being a psychic.

And 38 egg rolls? I'll take on any and all challengers. This is the 2 time pie eating champion at JHS. This may or may not be a ploy for Melissa to make more egg rolls but even though it's Friday night I'm not saying another word.

Melissa said...

Hey...I'll make more spring rolls if it means that we can hang out with the grand master of funk, style, and irreverent posts!

Anytime. Well, as long as you promise to attempt to break the 38 record! I'll make a double batch.

And thanks for the intro...I think I owe you some good food after that!