Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cover Song Sat Night

I've had a few busy/lazy weekends lately so my Friday Night Guilty Pleasure Confessions and Cover Song Saturday Nights have been sorely lacking. This one won't be much better but I wanted to come clean about something. Many of my readers, most specifically Brohammas and Corbie, think that I get a sick pleasure out of linking to a certain redheaded singer. Most of you probably know that linking to this singer created an Internet phenomenon a few years back, something called the Rickroll. I find it hilarious especially since so many of you get angry when I link to him but I also do it because I happen to enjoy Mr. Astley. Sure he's cheesy but I've already established my love for cheesy music from my youth. If you can get past the terrible dancing and ridiculousness of his bouffant and focus on the voice, the man can sing. I currently have an album of cover songs that he recorded on my mp3 player. I'm not ashamed to admit that. If loving Rick Astley is wrong then I don't wanna be right.

PS - Wheels has one last goal that will make her life complete and it involves us doing a shot for shot remake of the Never Gonna Give You Up video with my cousin Dave. Someday, Wheels, someday.

Here is a cover performed by the Internet legend himself, Rick Astley.


Corbie said...

I don't know if this is a confession post or a cover song post but I'm choosing the former so just roll with it...I have been singing 'My Baby Takes The Morning Train' (by Sheena Easton) to my kids so much lately that every one of them can recite all the words and they even have a mom-mocking routine rehearsed complete with Cale and Morgan as the swaying background singers.

Gaynor said...

Hi! Have you heard any of Rick's later music? Youtube "Rick Astley White Christmas" (okay I know it's seasonal but that performance stands out as great at any time of the year). I too am a lover of cheese, but none of Rick's later stuff can be accused of being cheesy - only brilliant. You can also have a look at his website and forum on, and say Gutsy sent you!

brohammas said...

I was confused as well as to the category of this post. Maybe you were confessing a love of a cover song? Corbie went cover, I'll go confession.
Some time ago I gained a true appreciation for a song. It was a good little accoustic song I had on a bootleg mix CD. For three years I refused to look up the artist in fear I would uncover a dark truth (I was suspicious because the guitar was just a little too slidey, not in Ben Harper way)
yup, I love "Thats Why God Made Mexico" by Tim Mcgraw.
I said it and I still feel ashamed.
I listened to a lot more of his music just to see if I had been wrong about country all this time....nope, the rest of it sucks. But I love that song.

kg said...

It was indeed a two birds/one stone post. Confession/Cover.

Corbie - I can't listen to that song without picturing George Costanza riding up the stairlift while pretending to have a bad knee...

Gaynor - Cheesy = good. I will checkout White Christmas.

Brohammas - It's confessions like these that make me glad we are not currently roommates.

brohammas said...

Aww come on. I thought this was a safe place.
Its one little song and I wear headphones so no one else will know.
Be honest, you miss burning incense, drinking mate, and blasting the Doors to freak Dustin out. You miss that as much as I miss you dancing to Loungapalooza at 7:00am.