Monday, May 18, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review


If there's one thing the Skog girls love, it's swinging. You've seen the photographic evidence. However, Wheels and I have not wanted to put in a swingset until we figured out what we were going to do with our yard long term. Saturday afternoon I got a knock on the door and my neighbor, Patrick, said he was putting in a new swingset and asked if we wanted his old one. I replied that I only know how to fix cars and I am not exactly a handy guy. We headed over to inspect the set and I figured it looked sturdy enough to hold up three tiny girls so we grabbed a couple more gents and carried the set across the street. My other neighbor, Mike, threw on a few pieces of wood to add support and 'voila' the girls have a new swingset. We live in a cul-de-sac with very cool people.

So usually we only show you the good things on the Skog Blog but this week I will show you the dark side as well. Above the girls are playing, laughing, and looking adorable on their new toy. This next video is somewhat disturbing, viewer discretion is advised. It is what happens when someone becomes addicted to 'outside' or 'swing' - you have been warned.


For those readers who don't live near the Skog Family, it really warmed up this weekend and it allowed us to break out every kids' other favorite toy - the homemade waterslide. We learned a few things from this activity - P definitely takes after Wheels and loves the water. Toots is more of a true blooded Skog and prefers not to be blasted in the face with a cold stream of watery goodness.


P and KG signed up for the local AYSO soccer program this week. Sadly the games do not start until fall but P is excited nonetheless. I decided to sign up as coach, even though I am not exactly a soccer expert. I feel like I should be good though since the peak of my sporting 'prime' was between the ages of 6-12. I just hope that I can be a great coach and live up to the other legendary coaches that have come before me.


I realize she might be a bit young for this but we let Lil' J watch The Sixth Sense this week and she got really freaked out. I mean really freaked out - just look at her eyes...


Since this week's review was both late and somewhat of a sorry effort here is a bonus slideshow.


Long time readers will recall that I was able to score some tickets to the Flight of the Conchords concert that sold out in less than ten minutes. Wheels, myself, Flanksteak and his lovely wife, and Vanwarmer and his Fellowship of the Geeks were all in attendance. The boys from New Zealand did not disappoint and played the hits as well as some new tunes that went over well with the crowd. Their between song banter was almost better than their tunes. Many laughs were had. Unfortunately, Wheels and I had to rush home to relieve my padres of their babysitting duties but Vanwarmer was able to stay after and stalk the Conchords and got this lovely little photo as proof:

My favorite part of the show was when the Conchords were joined on stage by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra that due to budgetary cutbacks now consisted of a cello player by the name of Nigel. Nigel came out to play my favorite song, Jenny, and then stuck around to add some class and depth to the Conchords' acoustic sounds. Great show.


brohammas said...

I can vouch for your athletic prowess in grades 1-7. After that, I can only attest to your three point shot.

Rappers have feelings my friends... rappers have feelings.

Jen said...

How come when other people's kids throw tantrums it is almost cute? I love how she stops suddenly, like it never happened.

Max came home yesterday and said "Priscilla has an awesome new swing set." He is a fan as well. Plus, I got to hear him say awesome, which was awesome.

Marianne said...

I am jealous, my girls are in need of some outside yard entertainment. We are flirting with the idea of a tramp, but we will see.

Corbie said...

I can vouch for your utter coolness in grades 7-12 and since you got Wheels to marry you, I can only assume it continued into college.

Why exactly was Ryan not scouted and recruited to play on the soccer team? You South Weber people are so exclusive.