Friday, May 15, 2009

News and Whimsy - UPDATED!

I failed to make a list of the things that tickled my fancy this week so I only have a few items.

This story would make a lot more sense if the burrito in question was from Chipotle.

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This was brought to my attention actually during U2 week but I had forgotten about it until today. I just got back from McDonalds and saw something so disgusting... so evil... so entirely terrifying that I could barely finish my lunch. Checkout their current Happy Meal. You can go after my girls' guts, their taste in food but you stay away from their taste in music. I am calling for a boycott of the Golden Arches until this plague upon our children is defeated. Get thee hence, Satan, Lucifer, or Son of the Morning. For a refresher course on the evils of bad music, click here.


Kim said...

That article is hysterical.

But, it does beg the question. If you were a drug dealer being chased by the police what would you like your final meal to be? It's a sad, sad day when Taco Bell is chosen.

brohammas said...

"Where its at! I got two turntables and a microphone"

Corbie said...

As I was reading the articl, my mind did exactly what Kim's did - I decided on Lobster and some Sizzler cheese bread. But I don't want Sizzler lobster. Which then begged the question whether I'd have time to make two separate stops.

When I pulled up to McDonald's the other day, Ryan said to me, 'Mom, tell them I still don't have cd number six". I haven't let her listen to any of them but she's definitely falling victim to the evilness...