Thursday, May 28, 2009

News and Whimsy


Slow news week at The Skog Blog except for this one excellent nugget - GOMEZ is coming to SLC! Get your tickets now, my friends. Gomez never puts on a bad show.


Here are your weekly links of things to help you kill time.

A great collection of bad family pictures. I know what you are thinking and no, the link doesn't just bring you right back to the Skog Blog.

First Karate Kid and now another of the classic films of our youth is getting remade. As long as they keep the crucial 'Tune in Tokyo' scene then I guess I'll be ok with it.

It's an important time in the sports world, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs and the most important championship in the world.

And finally, last week I brought you a cool cat well this week it's his cousin, El Gato Bueno.


Corbie said...

I just spent ridiculous amounts of time on that family picture site and I'm pretty sure I found several of my first cousins' photos.

As for the remake of old movies, no one can replace Daniel-son or sweet little Janey Glenn...but the TIT scene (that's acronoymatic for Tune In Tokyo) might still be funny a second time around.

brohammas said...

Wasnt that LDD?