Thursday, May 7, 2009

News and Whimsy


Spammon and Lindsey welcomed a new baby girl, Piper Lane, into their family on May 3rd. She is also a little rockstar that wanted to come a bit too early and has to spend some extra time in the NICU. Everything I've heard is that she is doing well but please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

In much less important news, this Summer is shaping up to be one of the all time greats for concerts and music. Two legendary bands of our generation have reunited and will be touring and recording new music. Who are they? Led Zep? The Spin Doctors? Click here and here to find out. The Skog Blog is THRILLED! (nope) But if this guy decides to hit the road, KG will be there front and center.

Brohammas is guest blogging today here. Check it out and leave some comments.


A couple of fun facts that you may or may not know about KG. KG loves to play tennis. KG loves Will Ferrell. Put them together and you get something special.

The Summer Movie Season is open us. Last week Wolverine, this week Star Trek. Coming soon - Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe. But what about the girls who need a movie based upon their childhood toys? How about My Little Pony?

In other movie news I was reminded this week of a fantastic time waster - The Invisibles Movie Quiz. Some of you might have received an email a few years back with like 80 of these but they are still putting out a quiz each week. They take a shot from a movie, remove the bodies, and you are supposed to guess the movie by just seeing the costumes and scenery. Not a bad way to kill an hour or two.

And finally, the official Skog Blog music critic, Paul Shirley, was able to attend a Gaslight Anthem concert and reported on it at the end of this column.


brohammas said...

Thanks for the shout out, congrats to Spam and fam, and if you trick me into watching one more video of that tapered pants wearing red head I will find some way to throttle you long distance. (that is not a Tiffany ref.)

Corbie said...

A) I love Tiffany

B) I got suckered into watching that stupid video again as well

C) Roxette is awesome and the Skog Blog better learn some respect