Monday, September 7, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

A Tornado Hits the Merry Old Land of Skog

Some of you might not know that Wheels works from home writing the help files for a local accounting software company.  There are good and bad days with this arrangement but normally this situation is nice for us and allows Wheels to help provide for the family without adding too much chaos into our lives.  At the end of last week Wheels learned that her company had a major software release this week so Wheels in turn had a massive deadline to meet.  This meant that starting last Wednesday night (August 26th) she was staying up most nights until 1 or 2 in the AM.  Not good times for Wheels.  Adding to that fun was Toots and the Rockstar both coming down with small colds.

Flash forward to this past week and I woke up Tuesday morning with the 'small' cold that had likely been ailing the girls.  We muddled through the week until Thursday night when Wheels finished her deadline and headed out to Chilis with the girls for a minor celebration.  As we polished off our standard bland cuisine with a hint of flair, Wheels mentioned that she feared she could feel the 'small' cold coming on.  Unfortunately, Wheels' 'small' cold turned into 2 days/nights of fever, chills and as I type this on Monday afternoon she is still in bed. It's funny how when you are sick at night your mind races and you go from having strep throat to the swine flu to something even more sinister probably brought in from Wheels' brother in Colorado.

The pictures that follow show you the answer to the following equation - Work Deadline + Sick Dad + Sicker Mom = Disaster.  I honestly don't think we've ever let our house get away from us as bad as we did this week.  Some highlights: The chocolate frosty that somehow ended up on the curtains, wall and kitchen floor and then stayed there for 5 days, half naked kids with snotty noses, KG looking like he was punched in the face, laundry mountains and enough crumbs on the floor to excite even the pickiest Rat.

Vomit or X?

This week's answer - NOT vomit!  Chicken pot pie.  Luckily for us in this week of sickness we escaped vomit free.  Here's hoping we all get better and back on our feet sooner than later.


Jen said...

Looking at pictures of your messy house was surprisingly entertaining. I may have found my calling in life. I'm sorry you were all sick, and also sorry we didn't know and did nothing to help. We are great neighbors for sure.

Corbie said...

Sorry you guys have been sick. Glad you at least felt well enough to break into our house and snap pictures.

Kim said...

Oh man. Nicely done. Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

Kudos for your Wizard of Oz reference. Next week I hope for video of a certain munchkin from Bell View.

Andrew and May said...

You guys are so funny and BRAVE to show case everything. I'm so sorry you had such a crummy week. Hope you guys are all feeling better now. Love ya!

kg said...

Thanks for the kind words and concern everyone. As an update, Wheels did indeed come down with strep throat but she is feeling much better today.

Jen - I imagine with you going back to school your house is going to be pretty awesome as well this year. We should have a contest to see who can let their homes go the longest without a good clean. However, the clutter would probably send Mom to her death bed from the anxiety of it all so maybe it's not the best plan.

Corbie - You are a good friend for allowing me to use your home. Since the cat is out of the bag though could you try and have something in your pantry other than Starbucks and Peanut M&Ms next time I break into your home?

Kim - I have no idea of what you speak. Any video of the Lollipop Guild circa mid 80's Bell View has been destroyed.

May - I'm not sure 'brave' is the right word for me, 'lazy' is probably the correct choice.