Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Night Playlist

It's the most, wonderful time of the year... Football Season and more specifically, Fantasy Football Season.  I know that some of you mock those of us who play the "Fairytale Football" but I don't care because, as Wheels can attest, I look forward to it much more than I probably should.  I have been wanting to post this playlist for a few weeks but I decided to wait until my drafts had taken place as to not give away any of my secrets.  KG Fun Fact: I won both of my leagues last year.  Another KG Fun Fact: I am a nutjob.  Get these songs in your head and you'll be holding the trophy come December.

Songs to Help You Draft a Championship FFL Team

Beastie Boys - Sabotage - As soon as you arrive at the draft you need to start messing with the heads of your league members.  Create fake injuries, talk about rookies or obscure players that you 'really think are going to breakout' this year.  Anything that will make your fellow drafters think twice about their draft strategy and carry this on throughout the draft.  A well placed chuckle after a pick or a 'really?... interesting' does wonders.  Some might call it bending the truth - I just call it good business.  By the way, whether you like this song or not it might be the greatest music video of all time.  It's definitely in the top 3.  Also, play Rock Band with me and I'll blow your mind with my vocals to this song.  Don't believe me?  Ask my bro-in-law Andrew.  He is a believer.

Manfred Mann - Blinded By the Light - One of the biggest complaints of the FFL haters is that you shouldn't be cheering for players on teams that you despise.  To be a successful FFL Manager you must be able to distinguish between loyalty to your real team and your fantasy team.  Sometimes this means not drafting your favorite player from the 49ers because he doesn't fulfill a need on your fantasy team and in turn using Tony Romo as your QB.  FFL means using your head not your heart.

Guns N' Roses - Patience -  Good draft preparation means finding the best value with each pick.  Every manager will have certain players that he/she likes more than others but don't reach for them.  Make sure you don't waste a high pick on your sleeper if it isn't neccesary.

Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me - Just as important as patience is not forgetting about your sleeper.  I made this mistake in my first draft this year and let my guy slip away just because I got too wrapped up in the draft. 

Focus - Hocus Pocus - As the draft drags on and people start to get bored and/or distracted you must keep your focus.  Leagues are won by those savvy managers who find the magical gems in the later rounds of the draft.  More than anything I just wanted to post this clip.  If you only watch one of these videos make sure it is THIS one.  UNBELIEVABLE!  This song actually hit #9 in the US in the early 1970's.  Fantastic.

Mishka - Bring A Man Down - One of the major differences between real and fantasy football is that in FFL defense rarely wins championships.  There is no need to waste a high draft pick on a top rated defense because most years there are a handful of defenses that do well in fantasy football (even if they suck in reality) and there is no rhyme or reason for them and they cannot be predicted.

Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push - That said, there are a few good defenses so I never mock someone who drafts them, I just don't like to do it myself.  However, do NOT be the guy/gal who wastes an early draft pick on a kicker.  Kickers are to be drafted in the last round without exception.  They are as interchangeable as legos.  They are a dime a dozen.  Throw out a cliche and it would describe your FFL kicker.

The Verve - Lucky Man - As I prepare to three-peat in one league and repeat as champ in the other, I like to joke that FFL is no longer gambling and I need to put it on my taxes as my second job.  However, know that even the most skilled FFL manager needs a little bit of luck to win the championship.  The greatest team on the planet is one 80 yard TD catch by your opponent's tight end away from losing.  Don't get angry just make sure you did everything you could to get your best team on the field.  That might have been the lamest /saddest thing I have ever written.

The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius  - After the draft cue up this song and read your roster out loud.  Hopefully you'll be reading the names of future champions.  Best of luck to all, unless of course you are in  my league and then I just want to say, "thanks for donating money to my girls' Christmas fund."


Wheels said...

I chose to live with this man.

Dogface said...

Win or loose for some reason we donate to the christmas fund, that's why you dont hold the kitty anymore. (hippo in our case)

kg said...

Wheels - I have my FFL you have your lame books. Potato/Potahto.

Dogface - On the rare occasion that I do lose I follow the advice of Teddy KGB and I "Pay de man hees mooney" and I do it on time and with honor. Even if it takes a tithing miracle to do so.

Wheels said...

I don't spend weeks working up a spreadsheet of the order in which I will read my books and then become seriously digusted and annoyed at the stupidity of the order in which other readers have decided to read their books.
Potato/You're a nerd.

brohammas said...

Hocus Freakin what? 70's rock yodling from a guy who posts a pic of himself with the stachiest facial catapiller ever seen.

Wheels, you should get a trophy for endurance and patience.

Herms said...

I have never seen a man jinx himself this badly. They say the worst thing you can do is blog about how you will win your FFL league(s) before the season starts.

Ballsy my friend. But somehow I like that....

flanksteak said...

I don't give a crap about fantasy football now that I've seen that Focus clip. I just favorited it and plan on watching it at least 3.46 times per week.

Skye said...

I wanna know how I get in on the FFL. I love the Fantasy and Skye thinks I am the only crazy one. I'm in two leagues and always looking for more. I love draft night. Anyway always love your 80's flavor playlists. And thanks for mowing my lawn last week I'm glad someone took me serious when I told the elders quorum to sign up for service that week.
ET aka entertainment tonight ... just ask Skye

kg said...

Wheels - Again, someone who just read four vampire books in less than a week should not be throwing stones.

Brohammas - I appreciate you noticing the stache. That was the greatest shaving accomplishment of my life to date.

Herms - I actually thought I did well as to not jinx myself. I nearly made a joke about the players of my league members getting injured, etc but refrained. Coming from a man who lost his first round pick last year (Tom Brady) during week one, injuries are no joke.

Flanksteak - I think if we make sure that we watch Focus each week just before game time we'll be in good shape.

ET - Nice to have you join us on the Skog Blog. I'll be sure to throw your name into the FFL discussion if someone quits next season. Or perhaps we need to get the first SW league going next season, I'm sure Wheels and Skye would love when we head off for Draft Night #3. No worries about the lawn, since I take such awesome care of mine I couldn't have yours looking like an eyesore. Actually I did it because the only thing you need to be worrying about right now, Coach, is winning games for the Dillon Panthers.