Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ben Folds Five Reunion - The Update

Quick update on the reunion show. Myspace still has not posted the concert footage, however, today I noticed that there is some fan footage from the concert.

Go to http://www.nowwhat.com/ and click on Ben Folds Five concert event. Then click on the notecard that says "Watch Fan Interviews Now." On the right hand side there are thumbnail pictures, click on the one that looks suspiciously like the shirt that Vanwarmer is wearing above entitled, "Who is Reinhold Messner." Watch and enjoy. Keep an eye out for the two handsome gents at the end of the clip.


Corbie said...

I love it! Plus, that kind of good publicity helps you redeem yourself after the Chris Hanson Dateline debacle.

Herms said...

I would like to catch up on one post comments. I assume that is not a cool thing to do in the blog world, but since there are no rules on the skog blog...I will proceed.

I dont' know what else I can mock about chuck that I haven't said in the past or even last night. Yes I love it, the same way I love female mud wrestling, or when two lesbian doctors kiss. (thought I could mock Grey's Anatomy at the same time). When I finally pinned down wheels on what it is about Chuck she loves she said when chuck smiles, or when they show the top CIA agent walking in slow motion. Really? Is that the new criteria? If McDreamy or McChucky have a great smile then we can ignore overused plot lines and poor writing? I mean that is like loving Heroes because that cheerleader is very hot...oh...wait a minute....uhmmm please ignore all previous comments, go chuck!

NEXT - Did KG and the Sunshine Wheeler really fork over 240 dollars for Neil? That is love my friend, that is the kind of love that inspires! I didn't know he was still alive.

Love the Godfrey / KG cameo, still very envious of that whole trip! Love the once in a lifetime aspect of the trip...love it.

That is all.

NO wait, love Sondre, the man can sing,seems quirky and off, which I know KG and AB like, and if you have a chance to partake of the special features on Dan in Real Life....do so!

kg said...

Corbie - I'm still not supposed to be seen on the internet, why do you think my profile pic is some old dude drinking mate? That's also why Vanwarmer did all of the talking in the clip. Thanks a lot Chris Hanson.

Aaron - Where to start? You are right, there are no rules but the blog nazi above might get angry when you take such a non consistent approach to your comments and for mocking Ronald Miller. Just a fyi.

Wheels and I are done discussing Chuck with you man. We shall no longer throw our pearls before you swine.

Corbie said...

You call me a blog nazi and you don't even capitalize 'Nazi'? What is with you people? Regardless (or irregardless - whichever you prefer), I am not the blog nazi at all. It was Flanksteak who told us all to stay on topic - he is one of your clan, which makes you a Nazi too. And you guys (Nazis included) know that McDreamy is dreamy - where are Wheels and Kim to back me up?

kg said...

Corbie - I called you a nazi rather than Nazi because you are just kind of a nazi not a full blown Blog Nazi. Irregardless though, Wheels isn't going to back you up about McDreamy. She doesn't get his appeal. Don't get me wrong, she loves that stupid show but it's because she loves cheesy dramas. Now if we wanted to debate the appeal of Dr. McHeigl or Dr. Mc 'I'm Too Good For the Emmys' then I'm game for that.

Corbie said...

Wheels doesn't like Ronald Miller? Are she and I watching the same show? I don't even know what to say. I had high hopes for Wheels and me (yes, that is grammatically correct). Tell her it was a good run.

the nazi

Corbie said...

And the name 'Chuck' will forever remind me of Chuck Conover. Since this is a public blog, that is all I am going to say. Irregardless (correct grammar again), I know you catch my drift. If you guys are going to insult McDreamy, Chuckie is fair game too/two/to.

kg said...

It's not our fault that someone liked Chuck Conover a little too much.

Corbie said...

You know me - I know how to pick em. A-O

Herms said...

Kim endures some of the overdone and cirular plot points in the history of television, to catch small moments of the Mc Dream, and will go back several times to see him jump into the cold water to save Merideth from drowning.

Did you know that DVR's can advance frame by frame.

AND she doesn't get the Chuck thing.

Corbie said...

And that is why I get carried away with my Kim love-fests. She is brilliant - plain and simple. I'd say she has good taste in men but I am on the fence about that right now.