Thursday, May 21, 2009

News and Whimsy


The past several years the Salt Lake City Arts Council has put on free concerts during the summer at The Gallivan Center. This year many of The Skog Blog favorites will be playing there: Bon Iver, Jenny Lewis, Iron and Wine, M. Ward, Q-Tip and did I mention the shows are free? Cause they are free. Click here for the full lineup.

Coldplay is doing their part to help out fans during the recession by giving away a free live album at each concert. For those of us who can't make it to this leg of the tour, you can download the live album here.


Fun fact about KG - I love those terrible B-horror movies like the ones shown on the Sci-Fi channel. I was shocked to hear this masterpiece starring Deborah (Don't call me Debbie) Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas didn't get a theatrical release. It did come out on video this week and will be screening at the Majefstic Theatre soon.

For those readers who can't stand American Idol, here is ESPN Idol.

I am not really a cat person but this is one cool cat. And another cool cat.


Corbie said...

Kobe Bryant owes me two purple rings for watching that. And you owe us all a sincere apology for that cool cat link...I knew it even before I clicked on it but I couldn't stop myself.

Viva la Coldplay.

Mindy said...

I am no longer going to rely on CNN or NBC for my news...I will refer to the Skog Blog henceforth.
And I thought I knew all the reasons why I can't stand Kobe. Thanks for adding one more.
Keep up the good work.

...I'm not here to cause' no trouble, I'm just doin' the Super-bowl Shuffle....
You are the devil.

kg said...

Kobe Bryant - I would pay one year's salary to punch you in the face.

Corbie - you are a cool cat.

Mindy - welcome back. I was afraid you had left us henceforth and yes I just nominated you for special guest playlist next Wednesday.

Mindy said...

KG: The pressure......
Count me in. What's the process?

kg said...

No pressure. The reason I beg for guest playlists is to make up for the lack of quality posts around these parts.

Anyway, choose a theme - all time faves, best songs for doing 'x', or whatever and write a brief description as to why you feel this way. Email me them by Wednesday and I'll post it that night. Don't worry about finding links to the songs unless they are so obscure that I won't be able to find them and then you can email me a mp3 of them or something. That's it. Looking forward to it.