Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

April 27 - May 3, 2009


Lil' J weighs in this week at just over 9 lbs. She is getting more active each day and is already getting the crap kicked out of her by her older sisters who are just trying to 'love' her. Many of you have stated that Lil' J has been getting the shaft so below is a slide show of nearly the same picture repeated 18 times. If you click through the slide show really fast it's almost like one of those flip book cartoons that you made out of a notebook or pad of post-it notes when you were 10.


Thursday Night Wheels and I had the opportunity to see Wicked which apparently was a big deal or something? I kid. It was a big deal. Every person I talked to this week either gushed about how awesome the show was or threatened to beat me and steal my tickets or pay me the equivalent of their mortgage payment for me to hand over my tickets. In my opinion the show was much better than The Phantom of the Opera but not as good as Les Miserables. We both loved the show stopper, Defying Gravity that ended Act One and wanted to bring home the actress who played Elphaba - the Wicked Witch of the West to be our personal serenader. Her voice was unfrigginbelievable.


As previously discussed on The Skog Blog, meal time is not our favorite time. This week Toots had a minor case of the sniffles so Wheels decided to give her some orange wedges which she pounded faster than a youth soccer team while the rest of us ate breakfast for dinner or 'brinner.' My favorite part of this first clip is the background noise - P spelling her name with her finger in the syrup on her plate and Lil' J's hiccups. Just an average dinner for us. The second clip is the aftermath of P's spelling bee.

P was supposed to be in her bedroom cleaning up the mess that she and her cousin Millie had made and after a longer than necessary time had passed Wheels decided she should go and inspect P's work and found this:

The picture doesn't quite do it justice, her carpet looked like she had stabbed Barney but luckily Wheels was able to remove most of the stains. P reluctantly handed in her markers and will get them back at a later date. A few days later while going through her art supplies cabinet, P found another set of markers and she responsibly brought them up to Wheels and turned them in. Hopefully she learned her lesson this time because we really don't need any more stains on our walls and carpet from our girls' 'creativity.'


Sadly, our week ended tragically as we said goodbye to an old friend. My mate was born in Temuco, Chile in June of 1995. He lived a good life and served me approximately 1349 beverages. It was a great run old pal, you will be missed.

This morning at approximately 9:53 he was knocked from the kitchen counter and died upon impact. Foul play is not expected at this time. Wheels claims that she is going to put the mate back together with some glue. I am skeptical but we shall see if the nine years she has spent watching CSI are finally going to pay off.


brohammas said...

He was my first.
There was a time when your generosity made him my steady.
This is the worst news I've had in quite some time.

kg said...

He was a lot of people's first and not in a whorish way. The man was generous and smooth and will be missed.

Jen said...

I loved the syrup hands and her expressions while doing it. Too funny.

Kim said...

I know how much you loved that mate. I'm proud of you, taking it like a man. No screaming, crying, and out of control outbursts? Very classy.

Corbie said...

How long is P banned from markers? I'm just making sure the punishment fits the not-so-big crime (years of Law & Order paying off).

As for the mate, I was thinking that in lieu of flowers, I'll send a donation to some sort of herbal-addiction 12 step program. My condolensces (sp? - too lazy to double check it).

Mer Swift said...

Love the dinner clip. Elise, I can't believe you have 3 kids! Priscilla's syrup hands video is so cute.

Robyn said...

I too love Miss Syrup Hands! Just make sure she doesn't go to school smelling like syrup. Those kids get made fun of from people like my husband!

The song you speak of - Defying Gravity - I can't stop listening to. I sat there crying, thinking "I'm so thankful I'm here, I'm so thankful I'm here." Unfrigginbelievable is a very good way to describe it.