Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Skog Family Week In Review

Sorry for the late update this week. The holiday weekend was pretty wild and crazy as you will soon find out...


P and her cousin Millie graduated from preschool this week. I was hoping to provide some video clips of their stirring renditions of Teeny Tiny Tim the Turtle or Skat the Cat but my camcorder and my laptop are not on speaking terms right now (another reason for the delay in this post). The girls were fantastic and adorable as usual and performed their songs without any fear or shame but sadly they were upstaged by their dear Papa J. Some of you may or may not know that Millie's parents were away and left the recording of this event in Big J's seemingly able hands. Try as he might he could not get Herms' camcorder to function and he gave up in disgust. After the performance we discussed his efforts and I mockingly said, 'Did you try taking off the lens cap?' and he stammered and said, 'Uh, uh, I think that might have been my problem.' High comedy. And you wonder where KG gets his mechanical aptitude...


P figured that since she is out of school she is grown up and is now ready to do her own hair. Here are her first attempts. The first one is very nice but I'm even prouder (more proud?) of the second.

On the second attempt it appears that she broke out an old Skog family beauty secret. The adjectives used most often to describe Skog hair after 'curly' are 'dry' and 'coarse.' Strangely enough that also usually describes our senses of humor but I digress. The secret formula to get fabulous Skog hair is this: shampoo your hair at night (preferably Head and Shoulders), wake up, throw a wet comb through it, add a few bows and voila! you are ready for the ball, Cinderella.

Not to be outdone, Toots broke out a new style that I will call The Brachel because it is some sort of hybrid of The Rachel and The Carol Brady. Kudos to you, Toots, for your creativity.


I don't plan on posting a weekly tantrum but as I went through the pics and videos on the camera last night I got a good laugh out of this. I wasn't home to witness it in person so it was new to me and I loved the strange dancing that Toots ended up doing with the strings to Wheels' pants. Good times.


I'm not sure if she is or not but she sure seemed to enjoy the crap out of this Burger King Spock toy.


With P now out of school we have wondered what activities we should sign the girls up for in order to make the most of their summer free time. Swimming? Dance? Tumbling? I wonder if they have a class called 'Stumbling?'


Memorial Day is always sad but fun for the Skog family. We had the opportunity to visit the graves of Wheels' Grandma Priscilla (joined by Wheels' sister, Marissa, her baby Jane, and their brother Jason) as well as my Grandparents Strat and Kay Loosle and Duke and Laurel Gyllenskog. All of them were great people that loved their families and it is always a pleasure to stop by and visit them.


When I stated above that Memorial Day was 'fun' you probably wondered where the fun was after looking at the cemetary pictures. Well the LFMGT brings the fun and then some. It's a great chance for us to see family that we grew up with but see less frequently as our personal families continue to grow. For the past four years we have staged this family tourney that involves some decent golf, a format that requires a two page set of rules contrived by Big J and plenty of laughs. Below are the teams in order of their finish:

Fifth Place - "The Heavyset Team" - Mike (Utah Fun), Flanksteak, and Big Al.

Fourth Place - "The Fun Team" as in these guys are not very good and just in it for the fun. Speaking of fun - here's another KG Fun fact - at the awards banquet KG was awarded a flask for 'Player Most in Need of a Drink After the Round.' Jeremy (cousin's husband), Herms, KG, Cousin Dave, and Dave's boy Lil' Strat.

Third Place - "2 Fathers and 2 Sons" - My nephew Brandon, his father Brad, my uncle Steve and his son Matt Strat. Do NOT be fooled by Matt Strat's age or tiny stature he won one of the long drive competitions.

Second Place - "The Young Guys" aka The Defending Champs - My cousins Scott and Eric and two husbands of cousins, Dane and Aaron.

First Place - "The Elderly Gentlemen" - Uncles Markus and Lyndon and my old man, the legendary Big J. This group's win was a bit controversial for a couple of reasons. First, the defending champs didn't fill out their scorecard correctly which cost them a few strokes and more importantly because Big J was the only one who understood the ridiculous rules. Congrats to them, however, for a victory nonetheless.

Congrats to Flanksteak as well, seen below posing with Commissioner Dave while accepting his award for the other longest drive hole. And finally, much thanks to the Commissioner for keeping the tourney alive and our families close.


brohammas said...

I always root for any heavyset team, or any division with the word "clydsdale".
Big ups to big J.

Corbie said...

Where to begin? Love the hair technique, double love the pant-string pulling, and triple love the face pulling during the Trekkie segment.

The Memorial Day golf tournament is the best family tradition I've ever heard...any of those gents single so I can marry them and get in on the action?

flanksteak said...

Brohammas comment reminded me of Top Secret:

"In women's tennis, I always root against the heterosexual."

Kim said...

Very nice synopsis of the week. Love the backyardigan singing by P and Toots.

Marianne said...

Oh yes, the pants string pull. Megan also likes to think that is effective, yet it is not. Loved the vocals on the Backyardigans. Better get an agent.