Monday, August 3, 2009

New Music Monday Night

I just realized that it has been more than one month since I passed along some new music. That just ain't right and so tonight I am back with more goodness. I have two similar selections that should (but might not) be universally beloved. Neither of them are going to blow your mind or change the music industry but should work themselves into your rotation. We shall see.

Brooke White - High Hopes & Heartbreak

Brooke was 'the other Mormon' on American Idol the year that David Archuleta captured the hearts and ears of America and more specifically, Utah. Her stint on Idol included some great performances, a couple of epic meltdowns and once the post season tours ended I imagine many figured she'd fade into obscurity. While reading the SL Tribune last week I noticed that she had released an album after running into Randy Jackson in a California guitar store. The two got talking, something like this I'm sure - "Yo, Dawg, why haven't you put out an album? I always liked you, Dawg." "Well, thanks Randy, but I'm not exactly a pop skank like most of the female singers out there today." "Dawg, come on, let's start our own label, you are the real deal, Dawg..." And start a label they did. Randy executive produced the debut and they formed the indie label 'June Baby Records.'

I checked out the album after reading the review and had my interest peaked by two song titles, Radio, Radio and Use Somebody. I thought they could possibly be covers of Elvis Costello and Kings of Leon songs. I struck out with the Elvis but my assumption was correct for the KOL track. If you haven't heard Use Somebody this summer then you must never listen to the radio (it's on EVERY channel other than Sportstalk) or be dead. It's a great song and her cover is nicely done as well. As expected the rest of the album is folksy, timeless and pleasant. Even the cover art evokes the old albums from her favorite musicians. Come for the cover song, stay for the quality songs. Well played, Sister White.

David Mead - Almost and Always

I apologize if 'New Music Monday' is turning into KG gets all smug and bemoans why his favorite singers aren't famous and why the music taste of the general public sucks... The problem is that everytime I hear a talented musician like Mead and read about how they are broke and working construction because they were dropped from their label and then see some untalented 'artist' show off their home on MTV Cribs a little part of me dies. Dramatic enough for you?

Almost and Always is David Mead's fifth full length album. The first two were released by RCA records and after poor sales he was dropped. After putting out two more albums and touring on the road for years he moved back to Nashville and was ready to throw in the towel. However, you can't keep a talented musician down and soon enough he had material for another album. It was released last year independently and very difficult to find, however I read last night that it will be getting released tomorrow (Tues Aug 4th) on a small indie label and available for purchase in stores. Good news for all of us and better news for KG since it is now a shoo-in for the Skog Blog Top 12 Countdown. Go to Graywhale or your local indie store and find it. This album has been in heavy, heavy rotation on my mp3 player. If songs like, Little Boats, Twenty Girls Ago, Almost and Always, and Last Train Home don't please your ears then you might need to see an ear doctor. Just saying. Don't make me do another post saying, "In a just world this guy would be the next James Taylor..." because nobody wants to read another cliche ridden post by KG.

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Corbie said...

I came to your blog, listened to a few songs, went to comment and then got sidetracked with some work calls...

During the next half hour, while I finished up work and David Mead played in the background, I thought at least five times, "wow - whatever I'm listening to is really good".