Monday, August 10, 2009

New Music Monday Night

Blind Pilot - 3 Rounds and A Sound
I only briefly reported on the Gomez concert but do not take that to mean that the concert was not fanfriggintastic because it was indeed great. I just figured everyone was tired of the Skog Blog Gomez Lovefest so I refrained. One of the reasons I waited to discuss the show in great detail though was because of tonight's selection for New Music Monday, Blind Pilot. This little gem of a band opened for Gomez and I was not familiar with their work so Flanksteak and I arrived late and we wandered into the Murray Theatre a few songs into their set. We were quickly smitten by their delightful blend of folk and pop and gave them our full attention. They finished their playlist with a new song, We Are the Tide and in all of my years of concert attendance I have never seen a mad dash like the swarm of people who stormed the merch table to pickup the band's album. Flanksteak described the song as primeval and it almost got our two sorry behinds to dance. Almost.

Sadly, We Are the Tide is not on 3 Rounds and A Sound but the album is still very solid. Blind Pilot originally consisted of 2 guys, Israel Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski, and the album has a stripped down acoustic feel. In the early stages of the band, the two gents would tour around the Western US on their bikes and pull their instruments on custom made trailers. After a few smaller tours they decided to fill out their band with 4 other musicians (trumpet, xylophone, banjo/mandolin and upright bass) and wrote Tide shortly thereafter. Usually I enjoy a good acoustic sound over a full blown band but Blind Pilot the 6 is even greater than Blind Pilot the 2 and I look forward to their future releases. Listen to Story I Heard, Poor Boy and the title track.

Special bonus - Since Blind Pilot is one of a handful of bands that sound even better live you can hear a live concert performance on NPR. To hear We Are the Tide fast forward to min 28 on this concert.

Here is the promo clip for Go On, Say It - their only official music video.

Grand Finale - We Are the Tide!!! This clip doesn't quite do it justice but still is quite nice.


Robyn said...

Seriously, I was already jealous that you were at the Gomez concert.
Then I was more jealous because they broke out in my Zeppelin song.
Then I was even more jealous because Toots dances better than me.
Now I’m jealous because I just listened to this new band you discovered.
KG – why do you get to have all the fun?

Joshua said...

Is there anything better than the "chills" when you realize your going to love a band before you even make it through the first track? I'm just more sorry now I missed the show. Hopefully a little I & W will help fill the void next week.

kg said...

Robyn - Not sure about the 'all the fun' comment. I'm sure you had a good reason for missing the concert - something like climbing Mt. Rainier or parachuting in Mexico. I think YOU are the haver of fun.

Joshua - your attendance was greatly missed at the show and I would say that the music chills are better than any other feelings in the world and I mean ANY and ALL other feelings.