Thursday, August 13, 2009

News and Whimsy


I can't imagine that anybody doesn't know about the passing of John Hughes. Another thing I can't imagine is anybody under the age of 40 who doesn't have at least one of his films on their all time top 10 movie list. Here is a tribute that was popular on the blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter this week.

Big news tomorrow night, 7 pm - a new Hot August Night Concert by the one and only Neil Diamond on CBS.

The Swell Season - the lovely duo from the film Once, is set to drop a new album in October and they played a few of their new songs for NPR radio this week. A MUST listen! Glen Hansard is so passionate about his music I bet after he finished this short set he stood out on the steps of NPR studios and played for a few more hours.


I saw this clip on a few blogs this week. It's Harrison Ford's version of the old LDS Church commercials, Family... Isn't it about... time?

I don't usually like to name drop here on the ol' Skog Blog but Wheels is friends with the co-writer of Napoleon Dynamite and even went out with her brother a few times. Another fun fact is that her husband, the director of the film, is the first cousin of my pal Steve Williams. Because of these two facts we support them in all of their endeavours. Here is the trailer for their new film, Gentlemen Broncos starring Skog Blog fave, Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.

Here is more from Dr. Ronald Chevalier teaching us The Art of Relaxating as well as The Art of Inspiring Oneself.

Last but not least, my cousin's husband, Jake Hamblin and his brother Michael filmed a movie last year that was screened at several festivals and is quite good. The Sinking of Santa Isabel is especially recommended for fans of Wes Anderson type films (smart, subtle humor). The DVD will finally be released next month and can be purchased on Amazon and other fine stores or entered into your netflix queue. Give them your support!


brohammas said...

Curse you Captain, curse you.
I thought my life was complete. I have the music I like, the DVD's I want, and spare time.
Then you come along and show me new stuff I have never heard of...

Corbie said...

I hope that you not liking to name drop won't stop you from letting me know if Kevin Bacon is ever coming over for a BBQ. I'm just sayin'...

Yong Cui said...

Good reading