Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

P's New Hairstyle

P has been waffling lately as to whether or not to cut her hair. Somedays she says she wants to grow it out 'past her butt' and other days she says she wants to cut it short. This week she finally settled on a new style and I think she nailed it.

A Brewing Love Triangle?

We have mentioned a few times before our little neighbor boy, Kire and our desire to have him and P get married in order to create a ridiculously good looking race of superhumans. However, Wheels tells me that it might be Toots who is falling for this young stud and below we submit exhibit A. When I was posting this picture on the blog she got very excited, pointed and said, "Kire, Kire" with the same gusto that Beavis used to say, "Fire, Fire." Let's just hope our family isn't torn apart by this situation. We'll keep an eye on it.

New Game - Vomit or X?

I have a potential new game for the week in review where you, the reader, has the opportunity to guess whether or not the picture is vomit or something else. The answer is at the bottom of the column...


Ever since Wheels got back from NV Toots has taken her stalking game to the next level and her new nickname should be Single White Toots. Wheels can't leave the room without Toots freaking out and she follows her around and holds on to her pants while Wheels trips over her at every turn. This week her Dell Craptop died and so Wheels was forced to work from her desktop computer rather than the comfort of the couch. Toots didn't like this and screamed until Wheels found a solution. Now Toots can keep one eye on Wheels and the other on the TV, perfect.

P and Her Friends

Just like when her old man was a kid, P is an early to bed and early to rise kind of gal. Unfortunately due to Toots' well documented sleeping problems, Wheels and the other girls like to sleep in. P usually wakes up right as I'm leaving for work so I get her a cup of chocolate milk, turn on the TV and let her enjoy cartoons for awhile before the rest of the house gets out of bed. Apparently P gets lonely in the early morning and Wheels found her watching TV like this. It's kind of sad but mostly adorable...

The Lil' Rockstar is Ready for Her Closeup

Here are the Lil' Rockstar clips of the week. It also provides a nice clip of Toots' new seating arrangements.

Country Fair Days

I know most people think our little town is like something out of a Disney cartoon with backwards folks and barnyard animals and this week's 'Country Fair Days' did little to fight those assumptions. However, it was good times for all that participated. P and Millie were able to go to 'Cheer Champ' with the local Jr. High cheerleaders and ride on their float as well as dance at the park at the fair. My neice Maddie and nephew Sam were also in the parade and in the least shocking news of the weekend, their father, Utahfun won the pie eating contest. I had heard it was going to be watermelon so I opted out but had I known it was pie I would have entered and won. I am a two time pie eating champ so enjoy your reign, Utahfun, I'll be there in 2010.

While waiting for the parade to reach us the MC played the hits and just like her mother, Toots couldn't contain her enthusiasm once they started playing some MJ.

As good as Toots' dancing was there was an even greater dance off during the parade. It has been 20 years since I've seen such an explosive dance contest. Here is Jack vs. Max.

P and Millie in the parade.

Quick rant (loyal readers are getting used to these) - Memo to the leaders of the group, probably named 'FSA', that danced before our girls: Nobody wants to see 6 year olds bump and grind in booty shorts that show their butt cheeks. Also if you must have them do this then please at least have the class to edit the f bombs out of their songs. End of rant.

On a positive note, this was the first time P had performed in public and seeing her dance and the joy she felt as she did was one of the funnest things I have ever witnessed. Good times. Also, special props to Maddie for taking the girls' plain ol' t-shirts and making them look 'cool' as P called them.



Jen said...

I don't get how a sleep-deprived man can turn out such great week in review posts week after week. Well done. If you could continue to include my kids in these, that would help me out a lot.

Skye said...

I totally guessed egg-but that is gross, I don't really like this segment.
I felt bad last week. Kire was playing with silla and he saw Will with some guns and left her. Hopefully she'll forgive him.
And that is about the funniest thing ever with P and her dolls, and the dancing with Millie was pretty good too.

Kim said...

Wow. I do not even know where to start...the hair, the dancing, the Bumba chair, the rollover. All good.

Who knew egg drop soup could look so disgusting?

kg said...

Jen - Send me your pics and I'll update your blog. I work for very cheap.

Skye - P loves the hard to get routine that Kire throws at her. Although she is freaked out by his pet frog.

Kim - luckily the egg drop soup was just spilled on her pants by Toots and not regurgitated because that would have been the most disgusting thing ever photographed.