Friday, August 21, 2009

News and Whimsy - UPDATED!


I would like to welcome Wheels' brother's family to the blogosphere. Check the link on the side panel. May has done more blogging in a week then most of us do in a year. Nicely done!

I attended the free Iron & Wine concert at the Gallivan Center last night and was treated to a solo acoustic performance by Sam Beam. He was as good as ever and played all of the songs that I really wanted to hear except one. However, once again like at Bon Iver, the intimately fantastic music was marred by the idiot kids who showed up to a free concert not even knowing who was playing and yelled over the music. Guess what kids? Even though you might have been confused by Sam Beam's beard you aren't at a ZZ Top concert. You don't need to start a mosh pit to acoustic folk music when there are over 1000 people crammed into the space of my front yard. Also, I don't know from experience but I'm pretty sure that I get more of a buzz off of a can of Mtn Dew than you do from your two sips when eight of you share a can of PBR. Be on the lookout for my new blog -


MSN had an article this week of the Worst Album Covers Ever.

Spin Magazine created a list of the Worst Song Titles So Far This Year.

Excellent time waster for you - a site that generates anagrams from your name. I didn't like what it came up for mine but here are a few I liked:

Brett Favre = FATTER VERB

Wheels (Her name including middle initial) = LOSINGLY SLEEK GEM

Some others were not as good especially these:

Flanksteak's full name = YOBS JERK YLANG-YLANG

Big J's full name = JERK FLY EGGS BY FELON - sometimes being a Skog is hard...

Although Big J might enjoy what it came up with for Crazy Sue's full name = SNOG SOULLESSLY OK ANGEL

I'm telling you that site will waste hours of your life.

Up last, the greatest HORSE shot I've ever seen. Your move, Larry or Magic.


Herms said...

My anagram name.


Could NOT agree more.

kg said...

Herms - it's like the anagram generator could see your past and future and look into your soul. Amazing.

flanksteak said...

I never realized how many Y's are in my name until this very moment.

brohammas said...

while I don't dissagree that album covers sucked (they made me question why I havent been paid to create one)I can't help but think this was compiled by some kid who is pissed he was forced to watch too mutch Lawrence Welk.

kg said...

Brohammas - I have to agree with you, MARRY! TORMENT GOLDEN BOY. I've seen many covers that are worse than those chosen by MSN.