Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review

A Lot Goes On (But Nothing Happens)

This week I felt a lot like the old Ben Lee song, 'a lot goes on but nothing happens.' We settled back into the groove after our trip to NV which includes Wheels trying to work while being a messenger/jungle gym/personal assistant to the girls and KG trying to contain his orneriness while the saved up sleep gas tank teeters dangerously close to 'no fuel.' It got to Saturday and Wheels realized that we had no pics to share for the week in review. She then proceeded to take the following gems and told me to post them to show how ornery I really was this week. I actually wanted to post them, not for the aforementioned reason but for two other reasons. 1 - I am holding a power tool. This might be the first time this has ever been caught on film. 2 - to show my latest beard and share a nice busting of my chops. After Tahoe I shaved off my longer beard because a day at the beach with an itchy beard is not fun and I could no longer take it. As usual I started missing it shortly after I put the razor to my face so I stopped shaving on Wednesday and have the groundwork for another beard masterpiece. At church I was standing in the hall with the Lil' Rockstar chatting with my neighbor that I call 'Coach.' Just as the conversation was nearing its end Coach said, 'I'm loving the George Michael Beard.' I laughed at that the rest of the day. Well done, Coach.

Happy Birthday Grammie Sue

On Sunday we definitely made up for any lost time this week as we held a birthday bash for my mother, Grammie Sue. (Side note - I find it funny that everyone in our family spells things with a 'y' but Wheels and I use 'ie' for some reason - ok back to this EXCITING post) Monday was Sue's birthday and it was a big enough milestone that we figured we should do it right and go all out. I won't share her age even though you can all guess from the picture above she was turning 45. You'll be shocked to read that her age is greater than 50 but less than 65.

We went with a cruise theme that included margaritas, pina coladas, and true to cruise form - enough food to make you sick. Other highlights included 'Name That Tune' - where the winners had the pleasure of dining at the Captain's Table with our guest of honor. There was a 'Fine' Art Auction hosted by Michel LeSkousen where KG scored a masterpiece entitled 'George Being Curious.' We played a game called 'Sink the Cruise Ship' which was basically a Survivor challenge knock off that enabled the grandkids to learn the answers to questions such as: "At what age did Grammie Sue kiss John Johnson behind her parents' garage?" Answer: 14. The grand finale was a video presentation put together by Herms that was pictures of Sue and her family cobbled together from her life. Tears were shed, laughs were had. All in all a very pleasant day. Nice work by everyone in my family putting together such a fun night for Sue. She didn't even have to clean up after we trashed her house which was probably the best present of all.


Jen said...

You do realize that the picture of you with the power tool has you drilling into dixie fun cups. In my mind, that may be a step backwards.

Corbie said...

I hope that when I'm 45 and my kids are in their 30's (I haven't done the math but based on when I started having kids, it's probably possible), my kids throw me such a fantastic birthday bash. That's very sweet (mostly the part about not making her clean up).