Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Skog Family Week in Review


P got her hands on the camera again this week but I will spare you The Blair Witch footage this time but give you this nice little pic of J and Wheels.


Toots' stubbornness is well documented but it is almost getting to the OCD stage. She is also turning into a clean freak and hates to be sticky. At least she will do anything to wash her hands.


Lil' J had her 5 month appointment a few weeks back and although she has been growing at a good rate her doctor recommended a daily bottle to supplement and give her a few more calories. It looks like the Rockstar was given the 'Loosle Stomach' and the added formula has made her stomach very angry. We tried to switch her to a modified baby BRAT diet and so far she is digging the rice cereal.


P has been trying to snap for a long time but has never been able to get the sound. Finally this week she broke on through to the other side.


This week's entry - answer at the end of the column.


The family of Wheels' brother Andrew has lived the past several years in Hawaii. The last time we had a chance to see them was over 2 years ago at a family wedding and P still has a picture on her dresser with her cousins and constantly asks, 'when are we going to Hawaii to see Anaya?' Andrew is a military man and is headed to Officers' Training in Georgia while his family rents a home in Utah for the year while he is away. P was very excited about this and we made our first journey down to their home this week that included some good chats, some great food and some quality Rock Band.

As I got set to post these pictures I realized I had none of Andrew but I have many of his girls and his wife, May, which is the much more attractive side of his family anyway. Like the Skogs, the Wheels Family has 3 girls - Trinity, Anaiya, and Cyri.

May's family is Hmong and they are always willing to make us some tasty dishes when we visit. Toots could not get enough of the egg rolls. These clips make me laugh because in them you see the three phases of Toots - angry, happy and oblivious. My favorite video is the one where you can totally see her thinking to herself, "yeah, this egg roll is pretty good..." Little Cyri also makes an appearance.

Andrew and I attempted to get a nice shot of the girls to send to Grandma and Grandpa Wheels. If only I was a PhotoShop pro I could combine all of these for the perfect picture.


Wednesday we had originally planned on going swimming with Andrew's family down in Lehi. Wheels picked me up from work and we made it to Draper before we pulled off at our old bank to cash a check in order to have funds for the swimming retreat. Our adventure started right as we pulled into the bank's parking lot as Toots vomited all over herself and her carseat. It was an apparent case of car sickness. Blame the heat (P kept asking us to shut off the air in the back), the rush hour traffic and my aforementioned stomach. Sorry Toots. After a bottled water bath (Toots) and a trip to the car wash (car seat) we grabbed some snowcones and headed home. FUN night!

Confession - the vomit incident took place on Wed and the above picture was taken Sun night about 10:30 after it had been removed from the bag in which it had been placed on Wed. We got wondering what that funky smell was in our house...


Vanwarmer said...

I knew it was vomit, but I didn't realize it was aged vomit. I'm glad there is a lot of cuteness in this post to offset your vomit quiz...

Corbie said...

Whatever, Vanwarmer - I'm all about the vomit quizzes. That said, there is a whole lot of cuteness in this post - that may be the collective cutest half-bakers-dozen girls ever (I'm including Wheels in that figure).

kg said...

I think I jinxed myself by posting the egg drop soup last week and creating the vomit quiz...