Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cover Song Saturday Night

I have been really digging Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie (you know, the one that Ice Ice Baby DIDN'T rip off at all) lately so here is a cover of that song by Keane and then several other Queen and Bowie covers. The last song isn't actually a cover, we'll call it a tribute. Enjoy!


Corbie said...

I love Under Pressure and I love Costco.

Mindy said...

I cannot believe you left off Ella Enchanted singing "Find Me Somebody To Love" That is a classic cover. ;)
And once again, Corbie is going to think I'm just trying to be her but Under Pressure is by far my favorite Queen song. And I love Keane.

Anonymous said...

I think Corbie is painfully aware that you are way cooler than her and would have no reason to aspire to her uncoolness.