Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Night Playlist

Two weeks ago I made a playlist praising the rain and if it were up to me I'd have it rain all summer long. However, for the sake of Wheels' sanity and probably many other parents', we need some sunshine in order to get the stir crazy kids out of the house.


Doves - Catch the Sun - If I ever attempt to create an all time top 10 list of songs, this would probably make the cut.

John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulder - too easy of a selection? Perhaps, but this song would melt Jack Frost.

Matt Costa - Sunshine - Friend of Jack Johnson and favorite of our friend Little Rob aka Willow who needs to make a triumphant return to the Skog Blog. We miss you Little Rob.

Len - Steal My Sunshine - 98% of Skog Blog readers will hate this song but I always found it to be a catchy little summer tune.

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine - Always reminds me of Jack Black in High Fidelity, the film that really unleashed him on the world. KG, for one, is grateful.

Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine - Matt Hales is a poor man's Chris Martin or Thom Yorke. This is a fantastic song.

Anne Murray - You Are My Sunshine - Here's a song to hum or sing at 3AM to remind yourself that maybe your kids aren't that bad.

Elbow - Ribcage - Ribcage? That isn't sunshine? Just listen to the song. This is my list and I love me some Elbow.


brohammas said...

consider me 2%.
Should I have saved that for Friday?

brohammas said...

As aPhilly guy I feel it my obligation to say, "what no Fresh Prince, Summertime?"

Corbie said...

So, this was my favorite playlist of yours thus far but my two least favorites were Catch the Sun and Ribcage...I think our friendship is in trouble...

kg said...

Brohammas - Originally I was going to do 'Summer Songs' and Fresh Prince was on that playlist but I took a detour into the sunshine and therefore cut it.

Corbie - You shouldn't 'think' it's in trouble because it 'IS' in trouble after a statement like that.

Wheels said...

Steal My Sunshine?? Really??? This reminds me of my NSync love affair and TRL days of which I was going to keep secret as to not embarrass you. But after the Len confession, I need not hide my shame.